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About Jordan Lydia

I Now Stand In My Fulfillment!

Jordan Lydia is an advanced yoga devotee and practitioner since 2012 and healed her spine of scoliosis through yoga. Jordan Lydia is a Yin, Yoga Nidra, Hatha 26&2 and Advanced Hatha 84 Yoga Teacher. Jordan Lydia has demonstrated in Yoga Asana Championships since 2012. She has been the five-time Washington State Yoga Asana Champion, placed in 2019 and 2021 placed in the Top Ten at the USA Yoga National Championships, and placed second (2nd) in the 2022 USAYoga National Championships and finished fifth (5th) in the 2021 ISYF International Yoga Asana Championships and top ten in 2022 IYSF International Yoga Asana Championships in Bangalore, India.

In addition to her deep love of yoga, Jordan Lydia is also a gifted mystic, Reiki practitioner, and energy worker. 

Her sessions are compassionate, trustworthy, intuitive, articulate, ethereal, and deeply symbolic.

Additionally, Jordan Lydia is a certified Life Coach. 

Most importantly her two little furry feline lords (Monet and Virgil) will probably make an appearance in your session!

She will help you believe in your magic again!

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