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Where to begin about the magical, angelic Jordan and her ability to tune into the spiritual whispers of the world…

First off, it should be said that some people, when reading tarot cards or helping with magic, lean towards the scary and fearful side of things. This is never helpful and I personally believe it is damaging. The reason I trust Jordan and look towards here when I need help reaching my subconscious, is because she is full of love and positivity. She takes something that could easily be translated with darkness and she shines bright light into it and shares it with you. It is extremely healing and empowering. And for that, I am very thankful for her. 

Jordan also provides a sense of communion and community when she helps you with manifesting what your heart most desires. When I wanted to get pregnant with my second child, her tarot card readings and spells empowered me to claim what my heart desired and also really feel it in my bones that I deserved the best experience in all ways. It also really helped me truly trust the universe and God-that I was co-creating with my higher power. She helped me stay on the path, always reminding me of who I am and to trust. In the end, I experienced the BEST birth of my second child. As I was delivering him and the radiation of my body opening up was testing me, I literally felt something, whether it was Jordan or my prayers or God or the spirit of my child, carry me. I saw Jordan’s energy in my mind’s eye. I was an Empress, as Jordan had help me claim. I felt the waves of my ancestors and every woman who has every given birth, carry me over the finish line and as my baby boy was placed in my arms.  Whether you believe in all of this or not, there is something to be said about my experience and Jordan’s role in it. She is a portal to love and positivity and she helps me feel connected to myself and my higher being.


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